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In love, in the cinema, in marriage!

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A Hollywood-style proposal

Actually it was a girls night out in the cinema … But a single trailer changed Karin’s life forever!

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A strange dream? No! Because all of a sudden her boyfriend Georg was standing in the cinema hall. To him it had been obvious for a long time that Karin was the perfect cast for the role of the woman of his life. The only thing missing for this Hollywood-style love story was: A Hollywood-style proposal.

Of course Karin was not the one who could help him with this, so Georg asked the video producers from Animier∙es Mariella Manhardt (illustration) and Ben Thursfield (animation) for their help and they solemnly said : “Yes, I do!”

Secret arrangements

In close collaboration they created a fairytale-like proposal in the spring of 2016. The cinema was brought into the loop. Karin was not. And Georg was extremely nervous. Then, on June 4th 2016, the day had come: Georg was standing in the Cineplex of Germering, his knees trembling, waiting for the trailer to end. Then the lights came on and he asked the question of all questions.

animation for every occasion

If this love story has animated you to propose marriage to somebody too, and you are looking for a production team, contact Animier∙es.

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